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MaxxCast - Delayed Update, Doh.

Just a short blurb - MaxxCast028 is available!

(Grinding Drunken Blonde Mix)


Siefert's Tesseract House Build - SLURL Link

Note: 'The Future' simulator installed a new telehub, so you may need to navigate to the coords in the SLURL manually. As mentioned by Elle Pollack in Hamlets blog:

"The owner of The Future recently installed a telehub in the sim, so everyone who's clicking the slurl
link to get through are landing in our Grand Central Station. Just follow the signs on the ground and
the transport tubes from the telehub to get to the "workshop platform" where you'll be pointed to a
teleporter that will put you inside the house proper."

Forum Drama: (you need an active SL Account to read these.)

"Declaration of Civility" - Link

"PvP Abuse Reports No Longer Possible" - Link

"Is the god mode thing for real?" - Link

Catch the show that has everyone talking. Well, maybe not, but they're at least downloading and listening!

Direct link is here (right-click, save) and of course I recommend looking at the posts below to subscribe and all using your favorite podcasting client.

RSS feed to cut-n-paste into your fav proggy -
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