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MaxxCast - Update

Just a short blurb - MaxxCast026 is available!

(Sultry Saturday Mix)


Intemptesta Nox Simulator - SLURL Link

Sanctum Sanctorum Simulator - SLURL Link

Forum Drama: (you need an active SL Account to read these.)

Coup d'Etat in Neualtenburg - Link

Why do 90% of the women who carry guns look like Lesbians? - Link

BEWARE: Stolen Textures in Second Life!!! - Link

Catch the show that has everyone talking. Well, maybe not, but they're at least downloading and listening!

Direct link is here (right-click, save) and of course I recommend looking at the posts below to subscribe and all using your favorite podcasting client.

RSS feed to cut-n-paste into your fav proggy -
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